Advertising Policy
We want the advertising messages on to be as beneficial, useful and effective to our users as they are to the advertiser’s themselves. We do not condone any type of deceptive advertising, and try to carefully screen our advertisers so we are promoting the best  products and services to our members and visitors.

Types of Advertising Accepted is capable of publishing advertising messages in plain text, static or animated images to be displayed on the home page or other specific pages.

Who Can Advertise

In addition to accepting advertising from businesses located within Massachusetts, we also accept advertisements from regional, state or national advertiser.

Advertising Prices

All advertising is priced based on size, (physical screen size measured as height and width in pixels) and based on duration of advertising contract.

Advertising Rates

  • Large Rectangle Ad Home Page One Month $200.00
  • Large Rectangle Ad Secondary Page  One Month $150.00    
  • Medium Rectangle Ad Home Page  One Month $150.00  
  • Medium Rectangle Ad Secondary Page  One Month $100.00  
  • Job Opportunity Posting One Month $150.00    
  • Resource Page Listing One Month $50.00
  • Provider Directory Listing – Member $50.00   
  • Provider Directory Listing – Non-member $200.00



Keep a copy of your ad when you submit it.

While our system is reliable, occasionally we may receive an ad that may not be correctly received due to typo’s or other inputting errors.  Therefore, we recommend you keep a copy of the details you have entered, in a separate document, so you can easily find it in case this happens.  We do not send confirmation e-mails when ads are published, you will want to verify by checking the website that your ad has gone live.

Multiple Ads From Same Organization

If you have several similar posts to advertise please do NOT submit these as separate ads. Put them all together in one ad with concise information about each listed in the job details section. Then include a link (or links) to all the  information about each post on your own website. The exception to this is when some ads are paid and other ads are not, in those cases, please submit each separately.


Choose a package

  • Purchase Package:

  • $150.00 for 1 job listed for 30 days


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