MAAPPN Annual Membership Drive 2021

Dear Members:

It is time for our annual MAAPPN membership drive!  To retain “current membership” status, please renew your membership /or join/rejoin MAAPPN by January 15, 2020.   Current rates are:

Annual dues $150.00

Retired: $60.00

Student: Free

Faculty: $60.00 (faculty includes professors, clinical instructors of NP graduate psych programs).

Your membership dues help pay for the cost of a lobbyist who continues to guide us through the legislative process.  Additionally, MAAPPN colleagues continue to work on your behalf to ensure effective relationships with legislators in support of our efforts to see important health care and independent practice bills become law!  This is essential for the future of our practice. We are also continuing to work diligently to foster a strong sense of community, mentorship, and camaraderie among APRNs.  Your membership provides reduced rate at our dinner meetings that we hope to bring back in 2021. These meetings are a great way to connect with other colleagues!

To renew/join on-line please go to  today and no later than January 15th and click on membership. If paying by mail, send check to MAAPPN, 775 East Falmouth Hwy #117, East Falmouth, MA 02356.  Any questions contact us at or 521-762-2776.  Thank you for your support!

Mail Check to: MAAPPN, 775 East Falmouth Hwy #117, East Falmouth, MA 02536

News You Can Use…

The key provisions of the new law include: Requiring coverage of telehealth services including behavioral health care Expanding Scope of Practice for Advanced Practice Nurses and Optometrists Increasing disclosures around provider costs and network status to protect consumers from surprise medical bills Removing barriers to urgent care centers for MassHealth members Extending insurance coverage and […]

Gov. Charlie Baker signed legislation that will benefit thousands of people in Massachusetts with access to affordable care, telehealth and COVID-19 testing in addition to treatment. The new law increases insurance coverage for telehealth services, expands the scope of practice for nurse practitioners, other specialized nurses and optometrists. It also takes steps to protect consumers […]

MAAPPN Member Meeting Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Please register below for the first MAAPPN Tele-Meeting of 2021  scheduled for April 8th from 5:30 PM to 8 PM.  Keep up with the issues affecting our practice:  passage of the Health Care bill, Telehealth, student support, diversity and succession planning among many others!

ZOOM LINK For April 8, 2021 (TBA) 

MAAPPN Chair Diane Grimaldi, DNP, PMHCNS, BC

Message From MAAPPN Chair

As the chair of Massachusetts Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses (MAAPPN) since 2004, I have had the privilege of collaborating with exemplary nursing leaders who volunteer in their positions on our board of directors.  It is our mission to improve behavioral healthcare in the Commonwealth by addressing the practice concerns of advanced practice psychiatric nurses and the needs of the people we serve.  MAAPPN is the only organization in the state to represent the interests of all advanced practice psychiatric nurses including both the CNS and the NP. Our current goals include improving access to high quality care with supervisory independence, signatory equivalence of CNS/NPs, peer mentorship opportunities, payer continuity of care, appropriate telehealth, and full mental health and substance abuse parity.

MAAPPN works to ensure that we have effective relationships with legislators, payers, and colleagues through consistent involvement in the professional and political landscape of Massachusetts.  As a professional organization with a volunteer structure, and a respected lobbyist with whom we contract, dues are an important part of our operations.  We also now have an affiliated political action committee (PAC) through which we can make donations to political candidates who support our interests.  Running for political office can entail significant expenses and is largely supported through political donations that allow our legislative allies to continue serving their constituents.  Any personal donations to our PAC are especially welcome.  Finally, even modest donations of time and involvement are essential to the health of our organization.  Currently in addition to the PAC and Board we have 3 committees (legislative, practice, and membership) as well as a liaison to insurance companies. We have a strong sense of community and camaraderie, and we welcome you to learn more about us and consider becoming actively involved in our mission.

MAAPPN History

MAAPPN has a long and storied history. In 1975, when nurses were excluded from insurance reimbursement we formed as Nurses United for Reimbursable Services (NURS) but within a year changed both the mission and name to “Nurses United for Responsible Services”.

NURS met with astonishing success in accomplishing unprecedented legislative and policy gains in MA. In the intervening years, Psychiatric APRNs have continued to earn the respect of our colleagues and clients as highly skilled providers, reliable quality advocates and superb educators for our future generation of advanced practice nurses.

Today, MAAPPN continues its mission to protect our ability to practice to our full scope.

Many of MA Psychiatric APRNs enjoy life-long careers right here in the state and have long standing careers in serving our communities and citizens in any variety of settings.

Psychiatric APRNs now have access to professional roles in institutions, facilities, group practices and in solo private practices.

We enjoy the privileges of our clinical practice today in large part due to the past and current efforts of this extraordinary organization and look forward to many more years of MAAPPNs support for the Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse!

Industry Partners

MAAPPN is grateful to those who have supported us through our website and quarterly meeting opportunities.   We invite interested industry leaders to explore opportunities to display at our Quarterly Member Meetings!


Maappn Member Meetings

MAAPPN hosts quarterly membership meetings as an opportunity to connect with colleagues, get updates on legislative activities and share clinical expertise and educational opportunities.

Contact Massachusetts Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses

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