Full Independent Practice Q & A




Many, many thanks to Peggy Chapman, Chair of Legislative Committee for the following answers to members questions.

1.      Board of Nursing Regulations, (pleas note: these are regulations, not guidelines), require the usual agreement (which is called a “Guideline”) as we all had being supervised, between supervisor and person being supervised.  For example, Peggy shares the following example: in her supervisory agreement (written for her unique practice), she would not provide care for pregnant teens since she did not have the education to do this, so her guidelines include this. The Board of Registration in Nursing  (BORN) also has a document about guidelines for supervision, (see below). This serves as an audit to use to find out if the guidelines meet the BORN criteria. Guidelines should also clarify as to how often/when, controlled substances must be reported to the supervisor.

2.      How many hours  of Supervised Practice are required?  There is no definition of how many hours of care that are worked in those 2 years or per week, so supervisors may want to be involved in this discussion.

3. For Documentation See BORN GUIDELINES:  https://www.mass.gov/service-details/learn-more-about-prescriptive-authority-requirements-and-practice-guidelines

  • See Section 4 (pages 5 and 6)
  • Section 4.06 # 4 (page 9)
  • Section 4.07 (page 9 and 10)
  • Section 4.08 re practicing as an NP in 2 categories (page 11)

4.  What should the Psych CNS or NP charge if providing supervision? That is up to the individual. As an idea: charging your regular hourly rate would be a minimum.

5.   Does an Adult NP or other specialty NP (other than Family NP) need to have supervision with a Psych MH Professional? YES! However, ANCC is reviewing the supervisory requirement if an ANP has already been prescribing psychiatric medications whether that will alter the requirement

6.  Does an Adult NP or other specialty NP who recently graduated from a Psych NP program need to demonstrate curriculum compliance with Psych NP standards before sitting for the Certification exam? YES (most likely) ANCC will ask for evidence on a case by case basis. Certification exam criteria 

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