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The work of MAAPPN often takes place behind the scenes and relies on the efforts of our all volunteer Board.  These extraordinary MAAPPN members participate in monthly MAAPPN Board calls at  the very early hour of 7:30 AM each month and then move on to busy clinical work days.  Each contribute in numerous ways – at their own expense!   Please review below only some of the reasons we ask for you to pay your annual dues (these are in no particular order):

Rebecca Feldman attends monthly Mental Health Coalition meetings to actively represent MAAPPN members in discussions and decisions that effect us and our peers/colleagues in the state.  Recent  accomplishments have revolved around the implementation of the Mental Health Ombudsman bill passed in Aug 2022 . Rebecca also acts as our liaison to MCNP  an invaluable relationship that hinges on  both organizations  finding cooperative common ground .

Patty Shea  authored the  MAAPPN member survey – essential to connecting with our members to monitor issues of concern.

Peggy Chapman – while opening a new consulting business(!)  managed to keep everyone informed as Full Independent Practice became a reality.  Her knowledge helped us all to act at times that were meaningful to the legislative process and nt a waste of time and effort. Not only that, she continued to bring awareness of other  legislation effecting our practice -one example:  No Surprises Act /price transparency that involves complicated messaging to patients . Peggy provided members with her own practice templates free of charge!

Grace Trivers heads the Practice Committee and shepherded the White Paper on need for Preceptoring the Psych  APRN student. White papers provide the knowledge MAAPPN needs  that support  efforts to maintain the future supply of Psych APRNs  and out practice

Gabrielle Abelard, with MAAPPN support, applied to gain a committee position in the Massachusetts Workforce  Taskforce, again putting our members at the table for important policy  and budgeting discussions. In addition, she has brought MAAPPN along on the  journey of improving health care access equity in MA  and co-sponsored several educational offering s with MAAPPN designed to bring awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion  principles in our daily practice.

Mary Ann Hart, Hart Government relations (the only paid  position at MAAPPN) will continue to helps MAAPPN to pivot from legislative gains to more ongoing support through  budgetary initiatives, further ensuring state and federal support for the Psych APRN role.

Maria Gianan, while accomplishing her DNP,  and long time member of MAAPPN  ALSO initiated  an ongoing Peer Supervision Group  – supported by MAAPPN, and free to members as a proven strategy in maintaining excellence in clinical practice.

Diane Clinton has been pivotal in promoting MAAPPN membership as well as personally meeting with Sen. Cindy Friedman, in her district to advocate and pass the legislation that granted us full independent Practice. Without this key relationship, the bill’s passage would have remained in jeopardy.

Kathleen Andolina stepped into the Interim Chair position in 2021 to continue MAAPPN operations  for virtual member meetings, speaker arrangements and  sponsor funding,  all the while maintaining communication, website and treasury activities.

This is only a SMALL  example of the direct activities that only some of our members provide and  your yearly dues support -please continue to support MAAPN through your annual contribution!