Legislation MAAPPN Supports


MA Parity for Disability Policies

“Bill H1038 mental health parity for disability policies” seeks to bring MA into compliance with federally approved disability parity laws. This bill allows MA citizens with mental health issues to receive disability payment from employers who recognize medical disabilities as equivalent (in parity) with behavioral health disabilities.  MAAPPN has provided testimony on behalf of this bill and supported it through activities with the MA Mental Health Coalition.

UPDATE:  June 17, 2022
Subject: Re: H.1038/S.703, An Act requiring mental health parity for disability policies (Bill Tracking)  
Dear supporters of H1038 mental health parity for disability policies, Our bill has received a favorable report from Health Care Financing, and is now in House Ways & Means.   I encourage letters of support to be sent to HWM Chair Michlewitz.
Best,  Ruth B. Balser, State Representative
12th Middlesex District (Newton)
Division Chair Room 163