MAAPPN Board of Directors 2022 - 2023

MAAPPN is proud to attract highly qualified leadership at the helm of the organization. All Board members are voluntary and occupy a minimum of two year term.  Click on our name to learn more about who we are and how we serve MAAPPN!

Kathleen Andolina, PMHCNS-BC, PC

Margaret (Peggy) Chapman, PMHCNS-BC, PC 

Grace Trivers, PMHCNS-BC, PC

Gabrielle Abelard, DNP, PMHNP, PMHCNS-BC, RN, BSn

Diane Clinton, PMHCNS-BC, PC

Rebecca Feldman, PMHNP-BC, PC

Bea Forrest, PMHNP-pediatrics, BC, PC

Patricia Cameron, PMHNP-BC, PC

Patty Shea, PMHNP-BC, PC

Maria Gianan, DNP,  PMHCNS/NP-BC,  PC