MAAPPN History

The MAAPPN mission includes promoting the role of the Psych APRN as a high quality, cost effective provider of mental health services.  MAAPPN supports policies that sustain the Psych APRN to work to their full scope of practice. We accomplish this through promoting legislation and advocating for our members.  We have representation on some of the most influential groups and committees in the state that impact our fiscal and practice environments.

MAAPPN has a long and storied history. In 1975, when nurses were excluded from insurance reimbursement we formed as Nurses United for Reimbursable Services (NURS) but within a year changed both the mission and name to “Nurses United for Responsible Services”. NURS  met with astonishing success in accomplishing unprecedented legislative and policy gains in MA. In the intervening years, Psychiatric APRNs have continued to earn the respect of our colleagues and clients as highly skilled providers, reliable quality advocates and superb educators for our future generation of advanced practice nurses. Today, MAAPPN continues its mission to protect our ability to practice to our full scope.  Many of MA Psychiatric APRNs enjoy life-long careers right here in the state and have long standing careers in serving our communities and citizens in any variety of settings.  Psychiatric APRNs now have access to professional roles in institutions, facilities, group practices and in solo private practices. We enjoy the privileges of our clinical practice today in large part due to the past and current efforts of this extraordinary organization and look forward to many more years of MAAPPNs support for the Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse!

The Massachusetts Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses (MAAPPN) began in 1975 as a Massachusetts grassroots nursing organization representing the interests of advanced practice psychiatric nurses and the clients we serve.

The group was organized to promote independent nursing practice for psychiatric clinical nurse specialists (CNS).

Initially known as Nurses United for Reimbursement of Services (NURS), the group lobbied successfully for the passage of law in 1986 that allowed psychiatric CNSs to receive third party reimbursement.

In 1987, another bill sponsored by MAAPPN was passed granting clinical privileges and staff membership in health care facilities. CNSs gained authorization to sign for emergency involuntary hospitalization evaluations in 1989.

In 1992, MAAPPN co-sponsored a bill which granted prescriptive authority. The guardianship bill, also sponsored by MAAPPN, was passed in 2002.