MAAPPN Membership (Pay Once Annually!)


Pay your Annual MAAPPN Dues here! MAAPPN is a professional (501 c. 6) association  dedicated to the Massachusetts Psychiatric Advanced Practice Nurse.  MAAPPN provides meaningful connections to colleagues, nurse supervisors and nurse preceptors. We intersect with nurses at all levels of Psychiatric advanced practice: educators, supervisors, solo practitioners, health care systems providers, etc. Members dues help advance the MAAPPN mission through support of very active legislative activity.  We don’t just say it -we have been successfully passing legislation to support our role and the patients we serve since 1982.    Annual dues support our infrastructure to keep our role central and relevant to all mental health care in Massachusetts.   In addition, your annual dues support the activities we offer to each member: gatherings in person and online for sharing relevant information, supervision, practice updates, trends that are vital to know for our practices.  Please consider annual dues as part of an investment in your practice journey!