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MAAPPN Lends Support to MHLA Legislative Priorities

MAAPPN plays an active role in supporting legislation from other MA mental health groups. As a member of the Mental Health Coalition, MAAPPN has the opportunity to hear of the legislative priorities from the professional groups (the guilds), advocacy and other mental health policy groups.

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Political News

MassEHealth: Effective and Proper Use of the Mass HIway Directory October 9, 2014

MeHI is the designated state agency for: Coordinating health care innovation, technology and competitiveness ; Accelerating the adoption of health information technologies; Promoting health IT to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of health care in Massachusetts and for Advancing the dissemination of electronic health records systems in all health care provider settings. This slide presentation is about the Massachusetts Provider Directory and how it is used to name, institutional address, email, specialty, obtain consent and send records.

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Health Reform in Massachusetts 2012

“By striking just the right balance, this bill will help slow the spiraling health care costs faced by businesses and individual consumers while also allowing the marketplace to grow and function,” said Attorney General Martha Coakley.

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