The Massachusetts Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses (MAAPPN) began in 1975 as a Massachusetts grassroots nursing organization representing the interests of advanced practice psychiatric nurses and the clients we serve.

The group was organized to promote independent nursing practice for psychiatric clinical nurse specialists (CNS).

Initially known as Nurses United for Reimbursement of Services (NURS), the group lobbied successfully for the passage of law in 1986 that allowed psychiatric CNSs to receive third party reimbursement.

In 1987, another bill sponsored by MAAPPN was passed granting clinical privileges and staff membership in health care facilities. CNSs gained authorization to sign for emergency involuntary hospitalization evaluations in 1989.

In 1992, MAAPPN co-sponsored a bill which granted prescriptive authority. The guardianship bill, also sponsored by MAAPPN, was passed in 2002.

Today, MAAPPN is the only organization in the state of Massachusetts that exclusively represents the interests of advanced practice psychiatric nurses – both psychiatric clinical nurse specialists and psychiatric nurse practitioners.


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