Depression Understood: A Layman’s guide to surviving and thriving with depression

Mary Clancy, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, has over 30 years of clinical experience. She has worked in private practice, in-patient and out-patient settings and is currently working for the department of corrections. Mary had her first episode of major depression after the birth of her first child. She is intimately familiar with the agony of depression and the recovery process. Mary has survived depression and thrived in life. So can you.

Understanding Depression is a guide for anyone new to experiencing depression. The author provides answers to the most frequent questions asked by the clients she treats. What causes depression? What are the different types of therapy? Do I really need an antidepressant? What is the difference between a social worker or a psychologist? The author translates the findings of the most current clinical research into easily understood language. Mary Clancy NP has recovered from major depression. She knows personally how depression robs a person of his ability to enjoy things that normally bring him pleasure. From her own experience and from treating others with depression she also knows what a person can do to bring about his recovery.


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