MAAPPN, through its ties with the Mental Health Coalition will be monitoring the activities of the Task Force on Behavioral Health Data Policies.  The task force is charged with data collection for behavioral health system improvements but is also focusing on data pertaining to Long Term Stays. MAAPPN is seeking clarification from the task force on if the data focus will also include other behavioral health system issues such as data related to service gaps and nondiscriminatory access to mental health providers. The task force meets monthly from now until June, 2015, at which time it must file a report.   The Task Force has had 2 meetings so far – in Nov and Dec and the next one will be Tues. 1/27 from 9:30 – noon at the CHIA offices.  MAAPPN members are asked to respond to contact if you have input into this issue. You can read more about the Task Force on the CENTER FOR HEALTH INFORMATION AND ANALYSIS (CHIA) website but here are its focus areas:
  1. Make recommendations on how best to evaluate performance of the behavioral health system;
  2. Identify data needed to evaluate performance based on initial Task Force recommendations
  3. Make recommendations on what investments in data systems or resources or policies are needed to allow policy makers to make informed decisions that lead to improved care delivery;
  4. Make recommendations on how to reduce the number of long-term care patients in DMH continuing care facilities, acute psychiatric units and emergency depts..  Read more.


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