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Feb, 2, 2019: Thank you to all of you who contacted your state representatives in support of MAAPPN’s bills for CNS independent practice (eliminating requirement for supervision after 2 years of practice) and CNS signature authority (meaning CNSs could sign any Massachusetts form that requires physician signature.  NPs got Massachusetts signature authority in the 2016 legislative session.).  The CNS independent practice house bill has 9 Cosponsors and the CNS signature authority bill has 10 Cosponsors.
It is not too late to contact your state senator to ask for co-sponsorship of MAAPPN’s senate bill, entitled An act to improve access to care by removing barriers to practice for psychiatric nurse mental health clinical specialists. Here is the link to the bill:   https://malegislature.gov/Bills/191/SD835.  You can personalize your message by including information about the mental healthcare shortage in your district and how removal of the supervision requirement would help you serve patients.
Feb 2, 2019: Legislative Update from our Colleagues at MCNP: Many thanks to the more than 545 MCNP members and 245 NP Supporters who responded to our Call to Action Campaign in Support of An Act to Support Access, Value and Equity in Health Care.Through your combined efforts, we sent 1,639 email messages to legislators on Beacon Hill.and were able to secure 88 Cosponsors in the House!
 This is more sponsors than we had last session and includes a broad representation of bipartisan support from new and past bill co-sponsors. Senators still have time to sign on, and as of today we have 22 Senate Cosponsors on board. Our bills have been assigned docket numbers in the House and Senate, HD. 1785 and SD. 772 respectively. Once House and Senate leadership finalize Legislator Committee assignments and leadership roles (anticipated to be some time next week), our bills will be referred to Committee as the next step in the legislative process. At that point they will be assigned their formal bill numbers for the session.

What You Can Do Now:

1)  Help Us Get More Senate Co-Sponsors!
Since Senators still have time to sign-on as Co-Sponsors, please contact your Senator if you have not already done so.  We have a Senate only Co-Sponsor campaign on the website, so it is not too late to send your Senator an email.  To send a pre-written email to your state senator, NPs CLICK HERE ; CNSs and other supporters click this link: CLICK HERE

2)  Support our Social Media Efforts!
We are using social media to publicly thank our Co-Sponsors. These messages are more powerful if liked and shared by constituents. Please follow MCNP on Twitter at @mcnptweets and like and re-tweet our Twitter posts.  Here is the link: MCNP Twitter Link

HD 3355 And Act to expand the role of nurses in psychiatric facilities.


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