MAAPPN Reaches Out To DPS on Inclusion of Pscyh CNS for Marijuana Prescribing Privileges

MAAPPN Board Member, Sharon Reynolds reaches out to Bryan Harter, DPH on certification of patients for use of medical marijuana.

Sharon Reynolds reached out to Bryan Harter, LICSW, Director Medical Use of Marijuana Program, Bureau of Healthcare Safety and Quality, Department of Public Health following review of the DPH initiative on expanding prescriptive authority of medical marijuana to NPs. Reynolds noted that it did not include the Psychiatric CNS and provided a written inquiry to Harter. It was pointed out that we had concern for the omission of the Psychiatric CNSs in the proposed regulatory amendment and would support the inclusion before the amendments were finalized. Harter acknowledged that the amendment did apply to certified NPs and encouraged participation int he 60 day public comment period now in progress.

Proposed Amendments to 105 CMR 725

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Bryan has provided his contact information for further questions.

Bryan Harter, MBA, LICSW | Director
Medical Use of Marijuana Program
Bureau of Healthcare Safety and Quality
Massachusetts Department of Public Health | T: 617.753.8187  |

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