On October 23, 2017,  Ginny Tay and Kathy Andolina presented testimony to the Senate Committee re: the report and subsequent act entitled: “An Act furthering empowerment and affordability by leveraging transformative health care”. This hearing was packed and filled two hearing rooms as well as spanning close to 4 hours. This session will likely be the only hearing on this bill – it is still in development and as of yet is not assigned a number.   Many thanks to Maryann Hart, MAAPPN Legislative Liaison  and Rebecca Feldman, MAAPPN Board member for their presence and support as well.

We encourage you to look at the first few minutes of the video to see how it is described and introduced.  See 3:07 for the start of the MAAPPN testimony.  MAAPPN was there for the entire hearing and found that our group was mentioned several times by other groups  (see 1:44.22 and 3:14 for our specific mentions!) MAAPPN sees this as an exciting development in our initiative and it was great to see  the cross section of support for advancing our initiative to full scope practice.

To view the entire hearing click below:  

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