Meaningful Use/EHR Incentive Program Update

MAAPPN welcomed Al Wroblewski as our speaker at the September Member Meeting. Information about how to participate in the EHR incentive program was reviewed and deadlines identified. You can access the  presentation slides on the MeHi website under the Education menu in either PDF or PowerPoint format.

For detailed step-by-step instructions as to how to register for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, visit our MU Toolkit.

Reminder: Program Year 2016 is your last chance to initiate program participation. Start the registration process now, purchase a certified EHR system/upgrade by December 31, 2016, and submit your attestation by March 31, 2017.


For Questions Contact:

Al Wroblewski , PCMH, CCE, (Patient Centered Medical Home, Certified Content Expert).

Client Services Relationship Manager from eHealth Services & Support at the Massachusetts eHealth Institute, MA Technology Collaborative.

508-870-0312 ext. 603 or cell 774-262-4154




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