NSO States Commitment to Evolve Liability Policies with NP Practice

Below is a posted a letter from Nurses Service Organization (NSO).  The letter isn’t the typical correspondence from NSO. The content was an interesting request for  NP loyalty in choosing a carrier  for malpractice representation.  NSO sites its 20 year commitment to NP’s and the ability to adapt to changing needs of the NP as advanced practice evolves. Specifically,  NSO makes a point of how they agreed to add the MD to the NP’s policy as an additional assured  to cover the exposure risks associated with  MDs entering into collaborative agreements.  NSO has also added  more tools for risk reduction, including the publications of several claims reports, risk newsletters and presentations.   As more liability product companies get into the market and seek enrollees,  NP/CNS organizations will be in a greater position to compare, evaluate, negotiate and endorse policies and companies that offer the greatest and most economical protections for its members.

Here are some links to additional risk management resources for NP’s:

NP Risk Management Checklist

NP Claims Study 2012

Defensive Documentation



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