Update on Prescription Monitoring Program – Webinar Offered

Deborah S. Allwes, BS, BSN, RN, MPH,  Director of Bureau of Health Care Safety and Quality from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has provided the following update for all Massachusetts Prescribers. For FAQ, PMP_regulations_FAQ_Final_11_2014

Update on PMP Delegates

  • The MA Prescription Monitoring and Drug Control Program (PM/DCP) is finalizing the form to assign delegates to Primary Account Holders
  • These forms are expected to be completed and available online the week of December 15, 2014
  • The PM/DCP will announce the process for identifying and registering Delegates the week of December 22, 2014 (including how to sign-up a delegate and delegate PMP policies and procedures)
  • Enrollment of Delegates into the PMP (Delegates accessing the PMP on behalf of Primary Account Holders) will begin on December 22, 2014

PMP Educational Webinar

  • With the pending enrollment of delegates, the PM/DCP will be holding a series of educational webinars
  • The webinars will be available for delegates, prescribers and dispensers for a total of 8 different times throughout January 2015
  • The content of each hour-long webinar will be the same and the PM/DCP will send out a notice of the webinar dates the week of December 22, 2014
  • Anyone interested in participating in a webinar can sign up in advance to receive the teleconference and webinar information
  • Once the webinar is complete, participants will understand when and how to look up a patient in the PMP, how to interpret the PMP data, how to do a batch look-up and other important information

Content of the webinars will also include how to:

  1. Sign up to be a delegate
  2. Enroll in the Executive Office of Health and Human Service’s Virtual Gateway
  3. Log into the online PMP
  4. Search for a patient
  5. Understand a patient’s prescription history
  6. Print a patient’s history
  7. Perform a Batch Look-up for those clinics that have scheduled appointments
  8. Know when you need to look up a patient’s prescription history (based on regulations)
  9. Go online for information from the PM/DCP website
  10. Get help and support for questions or issues with the PMP

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see the attached PDF document


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