1/3/21 FAQ re: Full Practice Authority

How long will it take for the Full Practice Authority (FPA) provisions in the healthcare bill to take effect? 
Full Practice Authority for MA NPs will not take effect until the MA Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) puts forth (promulgates) the new regulations to implement the provisions of the law. This will likely take 6 to 9 months and the BORN (and MCNP) will issue updates on the process.

What will change for MA NPs once Full Practice Authority (FPA) takes effect?
1. Under the new law, certified nurse practitioners who have completed at least 2 years of qualifying supervised prescriptive practice will have independent practice authority. (1)
· Nurse practitioners with less than 2 years of supervised prescriptive practice will still need guidelines for prescriptive practice but may be supervised by either a physician or a nurse practitioner who… (Read more)